“Floating Impressions”


Elke Jones

I was born on the 25th of July 1973 in Bad Kissingen (Germany) before I moved to Constance (Bodensee), where I lived for a few years.

In 2006, I immigrated to South Africa (Johannesburg). Since 2002 I have been working as a freelance artist in the field of paintinginterior design and since 2013 ceramic design. During the past few years I have had several exhibitions in Germany, where I have presented my work. 

Through the advancement of various skills, I have gathered experience in several areas of painting, interior and exterior design. My paintings (acrylic on canvas) originate spontaneously through inspiration and develop during the painting process.

The technique of modern and abstract art is unmistakable, owing to the rich pattern formation. The colour gold in my paintings symbolizes brilliance, eternity and glamour. The multitude of hidden details allows the observer an individual interpretation. The origin of my inspiration is South Africa, which is now my home country.

I am planning further exhibitions in South Africa and Germany.

Enchant and immerse yourself in a colourfully illustrated world.

My motto:
Beauty is filtered through the eyes and made visible with the paintbrush.